Below are questions that we are frequently asked with regards to the products listed on our website and ordering them online.

If your question isn't answered below, please contact us.


1. What is the procedure for placing a new order?

Please refer to our user guide on how to place an order.

2. How do I register on the site?

Please email your request to Once your request has been approved, you will be sent a username and password to access the site.


3. What if I want to save an unfinished order for completion later?

You can add items to your basket and see the ongoing total cost (including delivery) of the order. At any point you can save the current basket from the basket view. You can then open this saved basket at a later time from the "my orders" page accessible from the top-right of the screen.

4. What if I require items outside the stock size range?

Special measure garments are available for all tailored items should you require any that are outside the standard stock sizes, contact for further information.

5. What if I want to place an order for items other than those shown on the website?

Creative Emporium would be happy to supply additional items other than those advertised on the website, subject to UoW approval. Please call 0113 3865591 or email

6. What are the standard stock sizes?

The Standard Stock sizes vary depending on the style of product required. Please visit the website and view all the stock sizes available for each product type. For anything outside of standard range please email your request to

7. What lengths are available, in particular for the trousers and skirts?

Ladies and Trs Gents come in 3 finished lengths and 1 Unfinished Length, with Skirts coming in 2 lengths - Please visit the website for details on the specific sizes / lengths available.

8. What branding options are available for the uniform?

All suits are tax tabbed with UoW agreed tabs, most blouses and shirts are also tax tabbed but some departments have blouses/shirts embroidered. Please call 0113 3865591 or email for further information.

9. Are there any sizing sets available so I know what size garments I need?

Sizing sets are located in Scarman and can be used in the event someone needs to try a suit on before ordering, please contact Rebecca Devaney on 02476 574013 or email

10. What is the procedure for returns/exchanges?

Please view the procedure and policy for returns / exchanges and re-ordering

11. Do prices include VAT?

All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT.


12. What is the lead-time for my order for clothing?

The lead-time for delivery is 10 working days from point of order.


13. Who is the Account Manager/main contact person for UoW?

The main contact for the UoW is Dave Lister. His telephone number is 0113 3865591 and his email address is

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